Adam Jacques

Adam Jacques is a world-renowned expert with more than twenty years’ experience cultivating unique strains of cannabis. Having developed more than 300 high-CBD (cannabidiol) strains of cannabis, Adam has established himself as the foremost expert on CBD genetics and was recognized as the ‘Most Influential Person in the Northwest and Canadian Cannabis Industry’ in 2016 by CannAwards. Adam’s strains Frank’s Gift (24.6%/9%, CBD/THC) and Lucy’s Lion (25.6%/0.3%, CBD/THC) are some of the highest known laboratory tested CBD strains on earth making him highly sought by pharmaceutical companies and hemp farmers. Adam’s deep passion for helping people in need, coupled with his expertise and vision have touched the lives of patients across the United States, and he has also contributed to the promulgation of ‘Leni’s Law’ in Alabama, which made cannabis medicine more accessible to children suffering with debilitating illnesses. Adam speaks all over the world about his experience with breeding and using CBD to treat patients. He is a featured writer for GROW magazine and has been featured in countless articles and media appearances. Adam also focuses on cannabinoids other than THC and CBD, developing new strains high in extremely unique, rare and valuable compounds and terpenes such as CBDV, CBG, and CBC. Other skills of note include large-scale cultivation, creating individualized cannabinoid therapies, and developing new products for the cannabis space.