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Ben Warden

Ben Warden is currently the Water Management Supervisor for Diamondback Energy. He has worked with the Rattler Midstream group under Diamondback for the past 7 years. He as built and led the water group that oversees the building out of fresh and treated water infrastructure for use in completions and drilling. Over the past few years, Diamondback has been focused on expanding the use of treated produced water in its completion operations. The Diamondback water team has increased the treated produced water percentage from <5% in 2017 to >40% in 2022. He has worked water in Louisiana during the Haynesville Shale boom and has been in the Permian for the past 11 years. Ben has worked on the service side of the business with Select Energy Services and has also worked on the operator side for ConocoPhillips prior to Diamondback. He has been a part of many water treatment projects, new acquisition infrastructure buildouts, water sourcing projects, and day to day water operations. Ben has a B.S. degree in Water Resource Management and an M.S degree in Geography from Texas State University in San Marcos.