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Hannah Chittenden

Hannah Chittenden is a Senior Staff Geophysicist at Diamondback Energy based in Midland, TX. Hannah has more than a decade of experience in acquisition & processing of microseismic data and has interpreted and analyzed passive seismic datasets from every major shale basin in North America. Her role at Diamondback focuses heavily on developing novel workflows for analysis and interpretation of completions monitoring data and she works directly with geologists and engineers across multiple departments.
Hannah serves on the Science Advisory Committee for the Center for Injection and Seismicity Research (BEG) and has helped lead industry efforts for best practices related to induced seismicity response and mitigation in the Permian Basin and other parts of the world.
Hannah holds an Honors B.Sc. in Geoscience from McMaster University (Ontario, Canada) and a M.Sc. from the University of Bern (Switzerland) where she studied Tectonics. Following her graduate studies and research work, she moved back to Ontario where started her career at Engineering Seismology Group (ESG) in 2013. While at ESG, she gained thousands of field hours as a geophysical analyst on hydraulic fracturing sites and later moved into a team lead position, specializing in processing and advanced data analytics. She has presented and authored a number of papers focusing on completions geophysics and its application to subsurface challenges in unconventional plays. Hannah has been at Diamondback Energy since 2019.