Hood Whitson Headshot (1)


Hood Whitson is the Founder and CEO of Element3, a critical material extraction company specializing in oil and gas wastewater. Element3 is working to create a secure domestic lithium supply and is proudly building a solution specifically for oil and gas resources.

Mr. Whitson has spent the last ten years working in innovation, strategy, and commercialization, building scalable processes throughout various industries, including working with Corporate Innovation at Pioneer Natural Resources. He has previously led product development and management teams for various technology-based products and is a co-inventor on several Element3 patents.

The arena of natural resources is a longtime commitment of Mr. Whitson’s, as he started his career managing a coal bed methane natural gas project in Southeastern Kansas. A native Texan, he holds a BA from Pepperdine University and attended Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program.