photo of Steve Melzer

Steve Melzer

Steve Melzer is a consulting engineer in Midland, Texas specializing in CO2 injection projects, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), carbon capture utilization and storage, reservoir properties and horizontal well reservoir depressuring projects.

He also provides engineering and business planning services for a variety of U.S. and International commercial clients in the oil and gas, industrial gas, and power sectors as well as advising policy makers and non-governmental organizations on the subject of CO2 EOR and carbon capture and storage. He has originated and operated many exploration and production projects in the oil and gas sector and conducted research on the origin and distribution of residual oil zones and their commercial exploitation through the use of both CO2 EOR and horizontal wells. He has been the director of the 26 years of the annual CO2 Flooding Conference and assists in organizing the EOR Carbon Management Workshop, both held each year in December in Midland, Texas.

Steve resides in Midland, Tx. He has a BS in geological engineering from Texas A&M and a MS degree in Engineering from Purdue University.