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Zachary Stoll

Dr. Zachary Stoll is a Research Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University working on the desalination and beneficial reuse of alternative water sources, including oil and gas produced water, brackish groundwater, reverse osmosis concentrate, power plant cooling tower blow down, and other types of industrial wastewaters. His main research interests are in developing techno-economic analyses for conventional and emerging treatment trains to better understand where improvements can be made to lower treatment costs and enable cost-effective treatment and beneficial reuse of these waste streams. To further this effort, Dr. Stoll operates various pilot treatment systems at client sites treating real wastewaters, gathering data needed to make informed decisions; is developing new methods for brine valorization, which can enable higher recovery and lower disposal costs; and is evaluating different beneficial end-uses for treated water, such as green hydrogen production, cooling tower make-up water, and tailored water for agriculture.